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Fusion Advisory Services, LLC, provides advice and capital for projects whose financing utilizes tax credits and other state and local incentives.  Our projects leverage private capital and investor equity to revitalize communities, accelerate entrepreneurial opportunity, and ensure historic preservation, through incorporation of tax credits and other financial incentives.  Our services add value by leveraging relationships among stakeholders including financial institutions, developers, non-profits, and investors, to finance a variety of commercial projects located in historic, low-to-moderate income, or hard to develop communities.

What differentiates Fusion?

Fusion was founded as an Alabama-based firm dedicated primarily to servicing the Alabama market and increasing knowledge of tax credit programs in the state – most NMTC deals in Alabama were transacted by companies with little connection to the Alabama community, and HTC investment activity was low.  Our Alabama network is robust, and we work closely with local industry leaders as well as agencies and organizations in Alabama and throughout the Southeast. As we’ve grown, Fusion has remained committed to helping projects in states that have been historically overlooked and underserved by the NMTC, HTC, and LIHTC programs.

We believe the combination of high-caliber expertise in tax credit programs and other incentives provide a valuable opportunity to raise additional capital and lower the cost of funding.  We also believe that there is a high value to working with neighbors who have a deep understanding of the local market – beyond what “the numbers” might say.  With Fusion you don’t have to choose: because our professionals work in the area we call home, we always look below the surface, and have a vested interest in the success of your project.

To complement our team, we leverage the resources of a diverse and connected Board, as well as strategic partnerships with nationally renowned law and accounting firms with deep technical knowledge and experience executing complex transactions for clients.  Through these relationships, we can assemble the right team with the right expertise for projects of any size.

Fusion connects the best projects with the best partners in the Southeast.

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